Negotiating Fieldwork: Unfolding of Institutional Practices and Contemporary Challenges
16-17 September 2016
University of Delhi

Introducing the Seminar: Prof. S.M.Patnaik, President, IAA

Welcome address: Dr. Avitoli G Zhimo, Secy-cum-Treasurer IAA

Special Remarks: Prof. V.K.Srivastava,
Head, Department of Anthropology, DU

Inaugural Address: Prof. T.N.Madan,
Professor Emeritus, Institute of Economic Growth, DU

Chairperson's Remarks: Prof. Sarit K. Chaudhuri, Director, IGRMS, Bhopal

Vote of Thanks: Dr. Indrani Mukherjee, Ethics Officer, IAA

Dr. Sucheta Sen: Interdisciplinary Institutional Practices and New Scope of Research

Prof. Nilika Mehrotra: Improvising Fieldwork Pedagogy

Prof. Sukant Chaudhary: Doing Team Ethnography for Management School

Prof. Shalina Mehta: Withering Fieldwork Tradition...